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Cash Back Program

I offer the Maxium Rebate at Samson Properties! Simply put, I rebate up to 1% of the purchase price on real estate transactions where I am your designated Buyers’ Agent.

  • Specifically, for resale homes offering a minimum 3% Buyers’ Agent commission from the seller, I rebate up to 1/2% of the sales price from my commission.
  • And, I rebate up to 1% of the sales price, from my commission, for new home construction sales when the builder offers a minimum 3% Buyers’ Agent commission.

Qualified Buyers will receive the specific Rebate Amount as a credit from my Agent commission on the HUD-1 statement at settlement, subject to:

Lender approval and itemized disclosure on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.It is the Buyers responsibility to notifying Lender of Rebate and to obtain approvals and to confirm with Lender that the entire credit providedmay be utilized.Seller Subsidy, if any, shall apply first against any maximum allowable concessions or limitations set by Lender. If Seller Subsidy plus my Agent Rebate exceeds maximum allowable concessions or limitations set by Lender, then my Rebate shall be reduced to the amount allowed by Lender.

Minimun contract purchase price of $300,000.00.

Please compare my Rebate Program to other Realtor offers! I offer the maximum Rebate Program at Samson Properties, and in fact , one of the best in the industry!

All specific rebates will be documented in writing in a Purchaser Rebate Disclosure Agreement prior to writing a contract to purchase property.





Rebate, if any, is established by mutual agreement between the individual Samson Properties agent and their Client. Not all agents offer rebates. The rebate amount may vary from agent to agent, cooperating agent team to agent team, property to property, new construction vs. resale, land, etc….and may depend upon whether Purchaser is also selling or has sold another property with the assistance of the same Samson Properties agent. Maximum allowable rebate is 1% for new construction sales and 1/2% for resale transactions.

Agents may advertise Rebate Programs with plan descriptions. Individual Agent Program Plan descriptions indicate an Agents participation in a Rebate program; Rebate Program Plan descriptions are not offers of any specific rebate amount, nor commitment to provide any specific Rebate. Specific Rebate details should be documented in writing in a Purchaser Rebate Disclosure Agreement detailing Property Specific Rebate Agreement details.

The payment/credit of any Realtor rebate agreed upon with Purchaser’s Samson Properties agent shall be subject to lender approval and shall be itemized as a credit towards Purchaser’s actual settlement expenses on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.

Samson Properties, LLC and the sales associate working with Purchaser are not making representations as to any potential federal or state income or capital gains tax implications relating to the Realtor rebate. In the event Purchaser has any questions relating to such potential implications, Purchaser is advised to seek counsel from a qualified tax professional. Neither Samson Properties, LLC, nor the individual sales associate will be providing Purchaser with an IRS tax form 1099, nor will they be providing any notice to the IRS that the Rebate has been provided to Purchaser. It shall be Purchaser’s sole responsibility to document the rebate as Purchaser’s tax counsel so advises.